Full moon

yesterday I couldn’t think..

felt like I’d been on the drink..

today i’m feeling bright and clear..

and ever grateful to be here..

it was a full moon, after all..

oppressing all, upon this ball..

I feel it all, for that’s the deal ..

as an empath, intent to heal..

everything, now, at the source..

I feel it all, without remorse..

I do look forward to the day..

when no more pain, will come my way..

because all the ghosts, will be sent home..

no more lost souls, on earth will roam..

those now on the path of light..

will have created, all that’s right..

and those who serve themselves, alone..

will end up, in the karma zone..

where they must deal, with their creation..

and have to practise meditation..

and we, who shine our inner sun..

will reunite and shine as one..

it’s a challenge every day to be..

kind, although in deepest empathy..

we feel projections, from the insane..

who irresponsibly, think that pain..

is theirs, as a victim of another..

when they too chose, to feel their brother..

to emanate compassionate blue..

and heal the other through and through..

i’m looking forward to the day..

when our amnesia’s gone away..

and we all recall, though made of sod..

we each are nothing less than God..

we are the one, who dove right in..

and chose to call the dive, a sin..

till then keep focused on the hue..

of Divine azure compassionate blue

– Ann Sinclair –

contact Ann at
what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie

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