I’m truly catching up on sleep..

I’m truly catching up on sleep..

since in that state, my work is deep..

chores in the astral, I am balancing..

with spiritual duty, in daily living..

sometimes, I sense, days also seem..

as an extension of the dream..

this collective dream, we all create..

shifting, each time we meditate..

we shift gently, through layers of being..

progressively morphing, all we’re seeing..

science makes planetary shifts, too..

with the experiments they do..

what of the mighty hadron collider.?

as mother feels it move, inside her..?

the young, with vision of the future..

see her rip, in need of suture..

it moves us all, in many ways..

through layers of being, time and rays..

that which was, has altered too..

presenting altered future view..

we who ride the wave of magic..

see all as creation, rather than tragic..

we’re in this cosmic soup together..

for we are all birds of one feather..

so let’s not point and snarl and stare..

at others actions, everywhere..

providing them to shift our gear..

because we choose to live in fear..

let’s choose what we want not to be..

and bless it all and set it free..

for we are one, they are us too..

the heart floods all with azure blue..

let’s heal ourselves, as we heal the other..

every sister and every brother..

in truth, there is no separation..

we are one heart, in meditation..

– Ann Sinclair –

contact Ann at
what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie

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