orchestra of cats

an orchestra of cats, screaming their rowdy mating call..

entered my dream state, made me busy, clearing out them all..

woke at sunrise, feeling head pain and knew someone else was feeling worse..

so I got up and meditated, intent to lift the curse..

a woman had reached out to me, pressure left side of the head..

after clearing her of it, I fell sleepily back to bed..

women and children lined up, to be treated and made well..

I diligently served them all, til someone rang a bell..

awoke to serve life this day, knowing not what it will bring..

I’m given, as news to start the day, the eternal “om” ringing..

the song of life, vibrating at a heightened state of being..

the sound of silence, overriding all that i’ll be seeing..

it’s a blessing to be ‘at one’ with it, as I move through my day..

as together we transform all that shall appear along the way..

the Divine blue, my other ally, also transforms every state..

as I move through my day, awake and meditate..

without sitting in lotus and closing my eyes too..

I’m given, to still paint my world, cerulean, azure blue..

– Ann Sinclair –

contact Ann at
what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie

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