Bali misses you all being around

I woke with cold feet and ethically concerned..

That truth had been spoken and lessons been learned..

It’s not as early, as the day before..

Slept longer and deeper, than of yore..

The quiet of morning, speckled with birdsong..

Is decorated with a Dj beat, also playing along..

All on Bali are safe and totally sound..

But there are no tourists, walking around..

The island depends on tourism here..

Yet lies and propaganda have triggered much fear..

Even though, should the mountain vomit or spurt..

There’s no way anyone, at all, can be hurt..

So stop listening to lies of news making sources..

Come back, enjoy Bali and all her resources..

“They” want you to stay in fear, safe at home..

And hide under your beds, rather than adventure and roam..

Spread the word, that Bali is so safe and sound..

Bali misses you all being around..

They say $2m dollars are lost every day..

By tourism not flowing in its regular way..

There has been not even dust, to speak of..

Let alone a hot lava leak of..

The volcano, so beautiful and dynamic, at play..

And far from here, seventy kilometers away..

The great Mount Agung, is left alone..

All souls removed from the danger zone..

There’s nothing to fear, so come back and play..

Bali is the best place, for your holiday..

We, who understand that nature responds to our state..

Will contain the condition, as we meditate..

The vulcanologists are quite confused..

Agung’s not behaving as volcanoes are used..

They haven’t considered, the spiritual force..

Has stayed the rumbling and changed it’s course..

We all need to wake up, to living assured..

That we are all well and nature will be cured..

By mankind speaking, only warm footed truth..

By spouting divine, azure, compassionate ruth..

Humanity affects nature, positively, at its source..

With responsible vigilant truth, daily of course..

Because we are all god, within god, before god..

Within each breathing life form and every earth clod..

We are one, with the stars, the sea and the earth..

And heal everything by espousing only love, light and mirth..

So spread the word that Bali’s peaceful and fine..

Start returning to play, in the sun and the brine..

Remember to trust that always, all is well..

By meditating compassion and hearing the bell..

The sound of silence, rings loud and rings clear..

Purifying everything, around us all, far and near..

So now once again, to the world lets impart..

The cerulean blue hue of peace, from our heart..

– Ann Sinclair –

contact Ann at
what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie

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