My true love in my dreams

met my true love in my dreams..

cos life aint always what it seems..

we must project our soul to fly..

to the beloved, through the sky..

and meet in the etheric realm..

then wake wearing a “too small” helm..

a female is upset by our meeting..

hence I sense her pain, yet fleeting..

the left head pressure to control..

we all on earth. It is her role..

but best not blame her for being dark..

we chose to play, its just a lark..

so when discomfort rears its head..

just know its time, to do a med..

no point moaning and laying down..

only increasing, both pain and frown..

best sit erect, our spine do straight..

intend to heal as we meditate..

best breathe deep blue, divine azure..

flood the source, intend it “pure”..

we are the source of healing balm..

as they reach out, we offer calm..

it’s never more than we can cure..

we are Divine and we are pure..

– Ann Sinclair –

contact Ann at
what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie

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