At the source

‘already healed, now,at the source’..
is the one mantra, of course..
when we wake up, in our bed..
with a throbbing aching head..
the blood moon on its nightly path..
left a deep dark aftermath..
‘twas not ours, to be seen..
not a glimpse, did we glean..
the cloud cover was ever dense..
all that we could do was sense..
that the man, or men, in the moon..
intended humanity to swoon..
so into deep blue meditation..
counter intending human elation..
means challenging spirit work..
energies needing a twerk..
morning stretch, yin yoga pose..
from one’s head, to one’s toes..
to rise above the heavy feeling..
and bring on de-light-ful healing..
the collective family of light..
ever shining, ever bright..
never accepting defeat..
intend a win-win to be sweet..
as our planet goes through transformation..
and human transmogrification..
from ordinary, as we are..
to an extraordinary star..
as we slip, right through the portal..
we reassume, our life immortal..
this means no one intending death..
we live as one mind and one breath..
the path we’re on is clear and pure..
maintain the flow of divine azure..

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where Lucky dog

out of consideration, she woke me early morn..

‘cause they were about to fog, the neighbours property, at dawn..

just a moment to jump up and race down to the shore..

where Lucky dog and I get to breathe fresh air, once more..

of course a meditation, is called for on the beach..

a chance to touch all souls, with our etheric reach..

join me now, as we drop into our heart’s sacred space..

and in rhythm with our breath, start radiating grace..

– Ann Sinclair –

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what’s app : +628123816073
FB messenger : Ann Sinclair (Bali)
Skype : anniefranjie